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          In many ways, our intentionally small size, expansive campus and remote location work to our great advantage in terms of COVID planning.  Like many schools and colleges, Marvelwood is taking a number of strategic measures to allow for the maximum in-person experience for students, while also building in the flexibility to adjust our plans, if necessary, to accommodate new information about the virus, testing, vaccines, and other factors.  Marvelwood is confident that our blueprint for resuming traditional operations will give us the best chance of controlling our environment and being in person and on campus together. 

          Since our announcement last March about moving to online learning for the remainder of the 2020 academic year, our faculty, administration, students and families have yearned for a return to the traditional school experience.  The heart of our community lies in the relationships between teachers and students, coaches and players, roommates and peers who spring from different corners of the world and form lifelong friendships.  We are all eager to welcome returning students back to campus, and to introduce new students and their families to what we believe to be a uniquely caring, nurturing, and inspiring community in which students grow and thrive.  

          With Marvelwood’s mission front and center, we adopted these three guiding principles:

          • Preserve Community:健康和安全是我们的首要任务,因为我们让我们的社区一起。社区是我们的使命,我们最大的力量的基石。

          • Confront Reality:变得尽可能地了解通过covid-19构成我们社会的种种挑战。制定marvelwood的情况坦诚和准确的评估。检查的优势和我们的区位和资源的不足。什么是必须我们面对?我们有什么可以改变?做负责任地面对不确定性,并同时承认,决策和部署可能需要改变决定。 

          • Collaborate and Communicate:这是维护和保持社会的最重要的组成部分。在解决未知的,我们必须始终可用来,并说实话,对方。



          The Marvelwood Compact

          Marvelwood has devoted an immense amount of time, effort, and resources to preparing a sustainable and safe reopening of school.  It is our expectation that all members of the Marvelwood family will join us in our determination to keep our campus safe and to protect the collective health of our school community by signing The Marvelwood Compact.  This Compact represents a promise on the part of all of us – students, parents, employees and their families – to do our best to comply with measures, guidelines and expectations established for our protection, and to support each other in meeting this goal.  Marvelwood will go to great lengths to teach, model, and encourage thoughtful commitment to this Compact in recognition of the important role and responsibility all members of our community share to safeguard both ourselves and each other.   Please print the Compact, discuss it together, and return signed copies to the school before or at registration.

          The Marvelwood Compact


          Important Information

          Contact Us

          For all questions and concerns about the School's response and preparedness, please contact:

          Heather Hastings
          CPC Task Force Coordinator
          Dean of Students
          (203) 788-4985‬ 


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