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          marvelwood是高兴与雪山滑雪场学院提供 对于学生运动员希望培养他们的滑雪或同时保持一贯的学术课程滑雪激情这个难得的机会。 

          For Marvelwood students wanting to pursue their passion for winter sports amongst like-minded student-athletes (with elite coaching & training opportunities), and for Mount Snow Academy (MSA) student-athletes seeking a customized academic experience, the Marvelwood-MSA partnership program–The Pterodactyl Session–provides the best of both worlds. Individualized learning and a rich variety of courses and extracurricular activities in a warm and welcoming community make Marvelwood’s approach a stand-out in the world of boarding schools. Thanks to a generous donation from the Carpenter family (yes, Jake Burton Carpenter, founder of Burton Snowboards, is a Marvelwood Alum!), Marvelwood has a world-class gym where student-athletes can keep their strength and conditioning primed to hit the slopes at the end of November. And, in case winter comes early, Marvelwood’s ski and snowboard teams train at Mohawk Mountain. 

          在MSA,翼龙届学生运动员参加小团体的培训方案,高山,自由滑雪,单板滑雪和。与进入世界一流的训练设施,精英教练,和高度个性化的学习环境设计,以适应训练和比赛日程,与会者受益于完全定制,以每个学生运动员的程序。 MSA教官继marvelwood课程,并保持与marvelwood教师密切沟通。 



          • 有兴趣的学生已就读于钻石电玩城 - 澳门钻石游戏官网应填写 MSA应用 并表明他们在marvelwood就读感兴趣的翼龙会议。
          • 有兴趣的学生已就读于MSA应适用于 该钻石电玩城 - 澳门钻石游戏官网 并表明他们在MSA就读感兴趣的翼龙会议。
          • 在任学校需要招收不感兴趣的学生都适用于表达他们对翼龙会议的兴趣。
          • 财政援助是可用的。财政援助申请必须同时学校考虑进行。 



          9月9日(新学生)/ 9月10日(返回学生) - 2020年11月19日


          二○二○年十一月三十零日 - 2021年3月19日(扩展的欢迎)
          Training Breaks: December 24 & 25 and Dec 31 & Jan 1


          3月24日 - 5月29日2021



          marvelwood入场            MSA入场 

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